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Prices are an indication, we can always discuss a plan according to your budget.

Full day weddings: Includes getting ready to the first dance, from 1,500 euro. Prices will vary acording to travel and group size.

Commitment ceremonies and Elopement/smaller ceremones: Up to two hours shoot. Price may vary according to travel: From 500 euro.

Family sessions: Up to 2 hours shoot at a venue/place of your choice: from 250 euro, depending on travel and size of group.

21sts and big birthdays: 2 hour shoot at your venue, prices will vary according to travel: from 250 euro.

Birthdays (children up to 16): Up to 1 hour shoot (depending on child's age) in my studio: from 100 euro.

New born sessions: Shoot at my studio or your house, roughly 1 hour, depending on how many weeks old your baby is: from 150 euro.

Christmas mini sesions: 30 mins long and two different backdrops in my studio: from 75 euro.

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